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Wargame : AirLand Battle

un peu bordélique à comprendre au début mais après 30min ça vient tout seul. Reste plus qu'à apprendre les abréviations et autres 

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Je viens de craquer mais dur de s'y mettre (premier wargame) et les tutos/infos ne fusent pas sur le net :o

S'il y a un instructeur disponibles ;)


Edit - Pour les newbs comme moi, CanardPC a fait une "intro/guide" ici. Je sais maintenant ce que signifie LOG/SUP/VHC  :rolleyes:

Edit² - "Oh tiens, un bouton tutoriel dans le jeux" ... En cours

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SMG deal less suppression, are less accurate at long range but have the fastest rate of fire and the best accuracy in CQC fights. They also retain more accuracy while moving than other weapons.

Assault rifles 5.56 and 5.45 have an average long range accuracy, CQC accuracy, suppression, rate of fire and moving accuracy.

Assault rifles 7.62 have worse accuracy than 5.56 and 5.45, but the same rate of fire and better suppression.

Semi-automatic rifles 7.62 have the best static accuracy but the worst moving and CQC accuracy and rate of fire.

Bolt rifles are accurate but have very low rate of fire, accuracy on the move and CQC accuracy.

There are 4 level of weapons for the 4 level of infantry :

Reservists have the worst weapons stats. You can spot them as they are national only troops, have a speed of 15kmh and poor stats.

Line infantry has basic weapons. You spot them thanks to their speed of [20kmh and average stats.

Shock troops have more accurate weapons, better rate of fire, a speed of 25kmh.

Elite troops have extreme accuracy, rate of fire and a speed of 30kmh but low availability and high price. You can spot them with the red color of their ID card.

Light Infantry troops (Light Riflemen, Mountaineers, Highlanders, Podhales, Leichte Schützen) are special : the four former have "line" weaponry, but one step higher speed and short range ATGM, while the latter are shocktroops, with the same advantage.

Infantry weapons statistics are now proportional to their real rate of fire :

A section announced with 200rpm will fire twice faster as a section with 100rpm

It is confirmed that the feature that ties rate of fire to the number of men in the squad is working as intended and is dynamic (RoF reduce with causalities).

However the displayed rate of fire is generic and unrelated to the number of men. A 10 men squad with a RoF of 100 will fire twice faster with their guns than a 5 men squad.

Heavy weapons (MG/Rockets/etc...) are not affected by that feature.

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Before :

1.0 = bad

0.9 = medium

0.8 = good

0.7 = very good

0.6 = exceptional

0.5 = exceptional

0.4 = exceptional

After :

1.0 = none

0.9 = bad

0.8 = medium

0.7 = good

0.6 = very good

0.5 = exceptional

0.4 = exceptional (Raven and Mig25 only if I remember correctly)


Le calcul de précision est : (précision missile)*(ecm)= X ; ensuite X*0.05 et vous aurez la précision

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