Star Citizen user.cfg

Je poste ici celui que j'utilise. A placer dans:


/cloud Imperium Games/Star Citizen/Public




/clou Imperium Games/Star Citizen/TEST     (Pour le PTU 2.1)




Download: User.cfg








- Améliore les perfs s'il est bien configuré

- Indispensable pour le moment

- Le FOV par défaut est de 60, le réglage à 80 peut-être déroutant.

- vire tous les effets de flou

- A adapter selon vos configs

- Se lance en windowed 1920x1080, mettre le réglage ci-dessous sur 1 pour jouer en plein écran

; If you want to run Windowed Full Screen Mode then set this to 1
r_FullscreenWindow = 0






Contenu User.cfg:




; This Setting basically sets the basis for your config (1-4) 1 is Low but best performance & 4 is Very High Graphics but most intensive. It sets loads of settings & it’s important it’s at the top of the .cfg so that anything below it overwrites parts of it, 3 gives great quality and performance.
sys_spec = 3
; Remove Maxfps to have a less stable max framerate (but it will be at it’s highest), I suggest setting at an achievable level, slower PCs go for 30, Fast PCs set at your monitors Refresh rate. If unsure delete the line it.
sys_maxfps = 60
; If you get screen tearing set VSync to 1 (See Below)
r_VSync = 1
; Setting Texture Sizes, Change The r_TexturesStreamPoolSize based on you Graphics Card Memory 256 for 2GB or Less, 512 for upto 3GB, 1024 for upto 4GB, 2048 for upto 6Gb. If you have over 6GB you can run 4096.
r_TexturesStreamPoolSize = 1024
; Set e_ShadowsPoolSize to half of TexturesStreamPoolSize is a good value.
e_ShadowsPoolSize = 512
; This setting is how much texture love is given to shadows, Recommend set to 128 for the most performance 512 is default and you can setup to 4096 for pretty shadows.
e_ShadowsMaxTexRes = 128
; This is again some love to shadows (0.1 – 100) 0.1 will give you best performance while 100 will give you the best shadow quality, I can’t really notice the improvement above 40.
e_ShadowsReScale = 40
; This Setting @ 1 reduces a tiny amount of realism on shadows, almost unnoticeable for some performance increase, but if you want the best looking shadows Change to 0. Can cause odd shadow bugs at 1 sometimes.
e_GsmCache = 1
; AntiAliasing – (0 – 3) Where 0 is NO AA & 2 is More AA than 1, it’s quite resource hungry and you should be using it if you are want jagged lines to be smoothed out. At Higher Resolutions like over 1440p AA becomes less needed as the higher res smooths the lines out naturally, setting over 2 can cause issues and ghosting. 3 is SMAA.
r_AntialiasingMode = 1
; At 0 there is currently a bug that causes intense brightness, I suggest setting at 1 or Deleting
; Anistropy makes textures look better at angles and distances, (0 – 16) 0 is the best for performance & 16 is the best for Quality. It doesn’t use too much processing power so I always have it at 16.
r_TexMaxAnisotropy = 16
r_TexMinAnisotropy = 16
; Sharpening – This makes lines look crisp and sharpened / but conversely can make lines look more jagged. I recommend setting this to 1 if you are running in 1440p or higher or if you like the way it looks. 0 is none and 1 is max & Default is 0.25
r_Sharpening = 0.25
; This just makes sure that Mouse Smoothing & Acceleration is turned OFF!
i_Mouse_Accel = 0.0
i_Mouse_Smooth = 0.0
; These are Blur & annoying Visual Settings – Turned Off Here but they are normally Set to 1 by Default. I really dislike Blur, Bloom, HeadBob and colour bleeds in game so I set them all to 0.
r_MotionBlur = 0
r_DepthOfField = 0
r_ShadowBlur = 0
g_radialBlur = 0
r_HDRBrightLevel = 0
r_HDRBloomRatio = 0
hud_bobHud = 0
r_ChromaticAberration = 0
; SSDO is a post process that makes stuff look prettier and more realistic, SSDO is better than SSAO so I make sure SSAO is off. But SSDO can be set to 0 for Performance and up to 2 for Quality, leave SSAO at 0 unless you have a reason.
r_ssdo = 2
r_ssao = 0
; This when it works in the Cry Engine adds Better Visual Quality to certain objects but is quite hungry. Turn to 0 for more Performance, can cause slight glitches in some situations.
r_SilhouettePOM = 1
; FOV Settings – FOVs can be set from 25 to 160, CL_FOV is your main FOV. Lower FOVs will reduce the amount your can see on screen, but can give greater performance. Also VR / Multi-monitor setups will want to find an FOV that works for them. VR wise I would suggest 105 – 120. Multi-Monitor I am working on the figures now but I would expect 100 – 160.
CL_fov = 80
; If you want to run Windowed Full Screen Mode then set this to 1
r_FullscreenWindow = 0
; Sets the Resolution of the Screen, Set to your needs. If you set FullscreenWindow to 1 and this to the native monitor resolution you effectively have Boarderless Windowed Mode.
r_width = 1920
r_height = 1080
; Pretty Reflections (SSR) Set 0 - 3, 0 being off & 3 being High Quality
r_SSReflections = 1
; Can give better color graduation in post-processing, 0 may give a few extra frames but picture may look "washed out" 1 is on.
r_ColorGrading = 1
; Tessellation changes the number of polygons used to render an object, Highest Quality is 1 and Lowest is 20 (Tessellation is spelt incorrectly on purpose).
r_TesselationTriangleSize = 10
; Adding The Lines of Code below can fix a lot of crashes & increase frame rates if set ;correctly. They all effect your CPU usage & threads. If you are not having crashes or ;stability issues I would not include them in your USER.cfg as they can also cause a lot of ;issues too, include some of them if you have reason to.
; Enables navigation information updates on a separate thread 0 - off & 1 - on
ai_NavigationSystemMT = 1
; Enable particle threading
e_ParticlesThread = 1
; Use a thread to perform sub-objects meshes merging
e_StatObjMergeUseThread = 1
; Enables threaded rendering while loading
gfx_loadtimethread = 1
; The number of internal physics threads
p_num_threads = 1
; Specifies the physical CPU index physics will run on. A Stable Settings is half the Physical Cores of your Processor. On my i7 4790k I change this to 2.
sys_physics_CPU = 2
; Specifies the physical CPU file IO thread run on. A Stable Settings is the Number of Physical Cores of ;your Processor. On my i7 4790k I change this to 4.
sys_streaming_CPU = 4
; If you have a Multi-Threaded CPU Set this to 1, if you don't or you want to turn Multi Threads off Set to ;0. *Delete if not appropriate
r_MultiThreaded = 1
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Ah merde, pas vu non plus Krag


Oui c'est un screen que j'ai pris en me perdant vers 2904-UEE649


Entre parenthèses, j'ai trouvé une balise par hasard, d'abord j'ai entendu un grésillement avec un bip imperceptible à droite, en orientant mon vaisseau dans sa direction, le bip devenait plus fort et plus rapproché, finalement je suis tombé dessus. Je ne connaissait pas la procédure pour trouver un beacon, c'est juste excellent!


Je suis sorti de mon vaisseau... et puis j'ai planté...  :angry:


Je ne connais pas du tout reddit Retlz, tu peux la poster si c'était pas une blague.  :P

Edited by MarcusXIII
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