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What is insurance?

Pilots in Star Citizen can purchase insurance policies for their ships, modifications and cargo. This ensures that your ship will be replaced and/or its modifications and cargo will be subsidized should you be destroyed in a fight or accident. As in real life, insurance policies must be maintained: you must pay a regular fee in galactic credits (the in-game currency) or your policy will lapse and you will not receive a payout or a ship replacement when your ship is destroyed.


Will this Insurance cost a lot?

Like in real-life insurance should be a relatively small part of your regular in game expenses which will also include paying landing fees, trade tariffs (if in a system with lots of infrastructure and law and order), fuel (if you dont collect it yourself from a gas giant), buying cargo to trade, hiring help, making upgrades to your ship or even buying a whole new ship.

Some of the additional policies like upgrade or cargo insurance will be rated based on risk levels. Risk level 1 being the safest systems and risk level 5 being the most dangerous system that is insurable for cargo or upgrades. Any risk level over 5 is un-insurable. A risk 3 policy for cargo will cover you for all cargo losses in a risk 3 system or below. The higher the risk level of the policy the more it will cost. As with the base insurance this will not be crippling financially but instead be a reasonable running cost that relates to the risk / reward profile of the systems flown.

What happens if I dont have insurance?

Your character will have to buy a new ship with any credits he has, or if he doesnt have enough credits fly missions for a third party (both NPC and player) until hes earned enough to buy his own ship again.


Will ships I add to my account have lifetime insurance?

Users who registered and bought at least one ship before November 26, 2012 can purchase additional ships with lifetime insurance for the next twelve months of development. Users who registered on or after November 26, 2012 can purchase additional ships with variable length starter insurance policies ranging from two months to twelve months.

Can I trade my lifetime insurance ship?

Yes. The lifetime insurance will follow the ship hull when it is legally sold or gifted. If the ship is stolen or otherwise captured, the policy will not transfer.


Will my insurance carry over to ships I earn in the finished game?

No, and you cannot transfer insurance policies from one ship to another.

Can I use my insurance as an excuse to simply ram other ships to death knowing I will get my ship back?

You can, but this will be a very bad idea as it is inconvenient and time consuming in getting your replacement ship ready to go again. Additionally there will be an increasing delay in replacing your ship every time you make a claim within a certain period of time.


Can I insure alien or one-off ships?

No. The only exception is the limited number of Vanduul fighters sold through the RSI site during the pledge campaign; these ships do have lifetime insurance included.


What will you do to combat insurance fraud?

A ship cannot be sold without a legitimate hull id code. Claiming on the insurance policy invalidates the hull code on your previous ship, so if it was captured or stolen the new owner will be unable to sell the ship at a regular ship dealer. Additionally if you have claimed on a policy and someone is flying the stolen ship in a well policed system, the hull id will mark it as a stolen ship, the law will be after you and landing privileges will be denied on any lawful planet. You will be able to fly a hot ship to the less savory parts of the Star Citizen universe, where you will probably be able to land and may be able to purchase a fake hull id code, but it will take effort and not necessarily be cheap.

Finally the Advocacy takes insurance fraud very seriously. If it can be proven that a player has colluded with another player to defraud the insurance company, that hulls lifetime insurance will be invalidated and the player may have to pay a large amount of credits to keep their record clean and not be marked as a wanted criminal.


source: https://forums.robertsspaceindustries.com/discussion/comment/134170/#Comment_134170

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Une tite question , la LTI ,en dehors d'être à vie , n'a pas de différence avec l'assurance de 6 mois des autres pack hein?

Concernant les équipements et la cargaison , ça apporte quoi la LTI ?

Merci de vos réponses car en fonction je verrais pour me chopper mes vaisseaux avec LTI

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Pas de différences.

La LTI assure juste la coque du vaisseau donc tout fittage ou cargaisons est perdu (après on pourra peut être assurer le reste IG mais ce sera une assurance supplémentaire).

De rien.

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L'assurance ne prend-t-elle pas aussi en charge l'équipement de base du vaisseau, ou j'ai rêvé avoir lu ça quelque part?

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J'me demandais au passage: L'assurance assure le vaisseau (la coque de base). Mais y'aura t-il des assurances sur les marchandises transportées?

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Normalement oui (cf tout en haut en anglais), le montant dépendant des zones dans lesquelles tu te déplaces.

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