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  1. TRAM: TR Miller Alliance

    Don't worry I have a multi national clan... French, Irish Russians, Italians, Belgium's, Germans, Americans, Canadians, heck we even have some Scots ;) It will be good to see you there.
  2. TRAM: TR Miller Alliance

    As long as the proper people got to see it then no problem :) Regards Guardian
  3. TRAM: TR Miller Alliance

    Hi DEIM, May I first apologise for the fact that I do not speak French, however, I would appreciate it if you could take the time to read this topic and reply if you like what you hear. I'm Guardian99 or Rob whichever, I run the Owld Crabbit Bastard (OCB) outfit on Miller. I have also been organising the TR Miller Alliance which is a conglomerate of around 10 different outfits that regularly communicate and battle together in fortnightly Ops. We have a meeting this Friday on the Teamspeak Server listed below at 20:00GMT to discuss our progress to date as we have had several operations now which have largely been a success. I am continuously looking to expand the base of outfits involved in the Alliance to keep up the momentum going forward in the game. If you have any questions please do contact me. I am just as happy to come onto your Teamspeak server and discuss matters with you there if you would prefer. Good hunting, Guardian99


Fondée en 2012 sur planetside2, DEIM est une organisation de joueurs francophones réunis autour de l'idée que l'efficacité dans un jeux peut être atteinte par la cooperation et le travail d’équipe plus que le skill personnel uniquement.

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